Have you considered joining St Augustine’s as a Member?
Membership will bring many opportunities to play golf at the friendliest golf club in Kent.
We have mid-week and Sunday competitions as well as some for mixed groups (ladies and gents). There are opportunities to play in different Kent leagues and in matches against a number of local clubs.
There are active sections within the club for Ladies and Seniors which have weekly reserved tee-times for competitions and matches which can be played home and away against many local clubs.
Of course, you may just want to enjoy social golf with your friends!
You will have on-line access to reserve your personal tee-time and be able to enjoy the clubhouse facilities and obtain a 20% discount at the bar on ALL drinks.

How do I join?
There are various categories for Membership starting from just £75 a year to Full Membership at £840 a year for a 5 Day Member. There are no joining fees. Click for the full list of subscriptions.
All start on 1st April and are pro-rata (except Social Plus). So if you join on 1st October, then you only pay for 6 months).

Social Membership
If you would like to join the club as a Social Member, then you would be able to enjoy all t the facilities of the clubhouse with its bar and restaurant with a discount on food and drink purchased. There are many functions and entertainment events during the year that you might wish to enjoy.
Membership is from £20 only.